Which of your parents do you think you look like?

You use a knife to slice my head and weep beside me when I am dead. What am I? He may be a poor talker and far from shrewd, but I like him all the better for that. With my English proficiency, I’m not able to translate this adequately. So I hope someone will accept to translate this. The dog got a treat. As you have already suspected, the prince’s name was Tom and the little mermaid’s name was Mary. Tom shook the bottle as directed on the label, but unfortunately didn’t fasten the cap first. It may seem like just a little thing to you, but Tom is really worried about the whole thing.

There’s no way to know how much time it’s going to take.

His eyes shone as bright as stars, and his hair, although dripping with water, curled in beautiful ringlets. While Pseudo and Co. wage their war on the new site, I’ve been happily posting here, and reaping a few green orbs for it. During the times that I didn’t get green orbs, for example on short comments that I never wanted to get rated anyway, I chose to stay quiet about it not because I want to show that I’m emotionally strong, or being the bigger man or anything. Of course I get upset about it. I like green! Their cyan-and-lower ratings not only bring down my average, but also look ugly on my green-themed posts. Basically, it rustles my jimmies by more than a little bit. Before, as some of you know, I might have started to complain about I don’t want my comments to get rated when it’s something trivial. Yet I choose not to reply because I know that what I have to say will likely be met with hostility, based on my experience with Fig Hunters. When I am going to visit someone I look up to, I first write to him and tell him why. Are the windows all locked? Do you like this color? Are you 17? Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it. No, I just thought that since you can use an abacus, you might be good at doing calculations in your head. Does Mary have a boyfriend, yet? Give Interlingua a chance because it’s easier than French, Spanish, or Portuguese and has more similarities to them. Reconnaissance satellite is a military satellite capable of monitoring many activities on earth, eavesdrop lines, registering the operating frequency of the radar systems…

Can you tell one bird from another by hearing them?

I’ve never met anyone who taught themselves to play basketball just by reading a book; the same with foreign language. If you may come home for Christmas? I don’t know, I’ll mention it to my wife and I’ll tell you. Are you guys crazy? She is a highly influential manga artist, and many people credit her work with boosting the international popularity of Japanese comics. This wasn’t the first geopolitical battle between the United States and China, and it would not be the last. Money is power. He’s gotten old, too. Please give us room.

Will she come?

Once, when I was in primary school, a kid was being bullied and it bothered me so much that I exploded with anger. I’ve sorted 32,000 of the sentences in Chinese to create a list of sentences for learners of the language. Tom said he wasn’t interested in Mary, but he seemed to always be looking towards the side of the room where she was. He will learn these things not so much from what the other man says as from how he says it. The answer you give now will determine the course of the rest of your life. I advise you to consider your response carefully. When somebody praises you, remember to be your own judge; do not trust what others (think) of you more than what you (think) of yourself. The secret of influencing people lies not so much in being a good talker as in being a good listener. Maybe Tom likes you. Haven’t we met somewhere before?

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