Welcome, my name is Giovanni, a 35 years old italian engineer that would like share his experience in IoT, electronic, raspberry, arduino, electrotechnic, and others things. In this blog i will try to realize a different approch to these stuff. It’s not a hobby or a toys…. I will try to explain my practical, pragmatical and REAL approch for building REAL, SAFE, and RELIABLE utilities.

For examples…

…at home, I’ve not a normal thermostat and I’ve nothing like TADO or other commercial thing that cost > 300€. I’ve, since 3 years no-stop, a raspberry  that monitoring 3 floors temperatures and external temperaturs, control 2 solenoid valve, monitoring switch off and switch on for the pellet stove. It make me graphs and it have a crontab scheduling system. I created a single webapp that works localy and remotely, that show me all controls for temperatures and stove, I can view all my webcams, I can control my old television (no smartTV) with a infraRed sensor on the raspberry and other stuff.

A reliable approch

I also control some light with this webapp, but the first control is “old-school-style” with switch on the wall and relay. This is what I intend for “reliable system”. I’ve not a domotic home… I’ve a normal home and I’ve added a domotic layer OVER the normal layer... if you are a programmer you know what i say. Also for the stove… I control all with with wepApp… but first I’ve build a security system with manualy switch  solenoid valves for control all stuff “by hand”.

Every work is a solution that must resolve a real problem

In this last month I created some REST-API and now with IFTTT and GoogleHome I can control all stuff with my voice like “Hey Google, switch on the stove” or “Hey google, set channel 5 on tv”, “Hey google, switch off cousine light”. I can control all these stuff when I eat launch or dinner, or nursing my baby (6 months old)….

Often in internet I find blog that explain experiment with arduino or raspberry… beautiful and very interesting… but useless. For example switch on a light with a specific whistling melody. Beautiful… but it’s really useful?

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Sorry for my English

You already understand that English is not my natural language… so sorry for grammatical errors. I decided to write all blog in english for two principal reason. The first is to training myself (you must never ending training) and secondly for reach all people possibile.

Thanks for reading

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