Tom is only going to have one chance to do it right.

Although he says he might return to Iran to marry, his plans after Japan are up in the air. One’s own name is the sweetest and the most important sound in the world for anybody. Don’t tickle me!

Tom plays the trombone.

I wasn’t happy, but it seemed reasonable that his prices should go up like everything else, so I agreed. Tom asked Mary a few questions that she couldn’t answer, but she was able to answer most of his questions. There was some monkey business going on when they were negotiating that last contract; money passed under the table. On Calvary’s cross, where you and I were ransomed, Jesus Christ measured out His blood equally for each one of us. We couldn’t allow his claim. It could be too overwhelming. To the same tune of warmongers dances an English Weismannist-Morganist called Faucet, who said that if no form of birth control was introduced, humanity was left a sole remedy only – "to appeal to the ancient trinity: war, disease and hunger."

She would often go to the theater when she was in London.

Enthusiasm is contagious. Tom fell over his dog when he was jogging and skinned his knee and the palm of his right hand. Hello? Anyone there? Four of my favorite Christmas carols are "Silent Night," "Joy to the World," "The First Noel" and "Away in the Manger." They have developed a privacy policy that covers how they collect, use, disclose, transfer, and store your information. We are all proud of making small mistakes. It gives us the feeling that we aren’t making big ones. There are whole cultures where understatement is bred in the bone. In New England one hears as satisfaction: "It’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick." She remarried soon.

Tom apologized to Mary for what he’d done.

He was quick on the draw and shot him before he even got his hand on his holster. It’s very romantic! He goes to a part-time high school every evening in addition to the work he does during the day. That’s all we know for sure. There was some monkey business going on when they were negotiating that last contract; money passed under the table. She advised him to take a long holiday, so he immediately quit work and took a trip around the world. Pal, you’re a pussy. You shouldn’t be too local if you want to be understood by people from diverse parts of the world.

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