My wife did not attend the party and neither did I.

Your gums are in bad shape. The question is not what education is for so much as how you go about it. A shepherd had a faithful dog, called Sultan, who was grown very old, and had lost all his teeth. I haven’t called.

Any society not enlightened by philosophers is fooled by quacks.

Let us students contribute to the welfare of the victims of the earthquake; even loose change will go a long way. I’ve got a few hours to kill and I’m starting to feel a bit peckish. Let’s get a bite to eat. I had more questions, but Tom seemed to be tired of my questions, so I didn’t ask them. French poet, Alcanter de Brahm, proposed the irony mark (ØŸ) towards the end of the 19th century to indicate a sentence which should be understood as ironic or sarcastic. Metal birds come and go, deliver and take people and goods, disappear and reappear behind the symmetrical artificial mountains. Let me know the next time you will visit, so I can make some cookies, tea and coffee. Only when the Party Committee Secretary came in person to resolve it was this point of view dispelled entirely. We feared so. Tom shook up a can of beer and then walked into the living room and handed it to Mary. Never were finer women or more accomplished men seen in any Court, and Nature seemed to have taken pleasure in lavishing her greatest graces on the greatest persons.

She spent some time in Boston.

A person is a bachelor if and only if that person is a marriageable man who has never married. Iceland’s prime minister stepped down after it was revealed that he had ties to an offshore investment company. Rejecting the urging of his physician father to study medicine, Hawking chose instead to concentrate on mathematics and physics. The company faced a major interruption in business when a fire destroyed their archive of computer hard drives and optical discs. That’s very personal. For what is life but a play in which everyone acts a part until the curtain comes down? Tom shook up a can of beer and then walked into the living room and handed it to Mary. I try not to get too involved in the games I watch on TV, but I always end up in a bad mood if my favorite team loses. Do what you think is right. Sales at the company zoomed thanks to brisk export demand, but profit did not keep up because of intense competition. I wonder where everyone is.

Science has made rapid progress in this century.

The younger brother replied, "I have heard: ‘He who is afraid of the leaves must not go into the forest.’" This might ruffle some feathers. Give him a fair half. "How many mobile phones do you have, Tom?" "How many? You mean, people actually have more than one?" "I have 4." "Why would you?" "Dima…" Al-Sayib sighed. "How much is this phone call costing you? I bet you it’s more than 99 kopeks, noob…" Ours are quality frames and not low quality articles. Eyeglasses of this kind are considerably more expensive in any optical shop. What a cock-up! A special task force managed to catch a suicide bomber downtown, prior to him carrying out his evil plan. Don’t ask me to point out your mistakes. If you’re interested in changing, figure them out on your own. What’s your favorite toothpaste? "Have you ever been told that you look like Tom Cruise?" "Ah, people tell me that sometimes, but I don’t think we look alike at all myself." I had more questions, but Tom seemed to be tired of my questions, so I didn’t ask them.

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