Automate, silence smartphone at work

Do you kwon Automate for Android? For me is the best APP for smartphone… You can program tasks drawing a simple flow charts. The main website is here and the documentation is here

AUTOMATE llamalab
AUTOMATE llamalab

For download click here

In this post I write how i make a simple program for put my smartphone silence when I enter at work…. and set volume max when I’m at home or in my car.

This first post about AUTOMATE is very simple and it’s only the beginning of a series of posts where I automate many many tasks like my alarms, the volume of smart-phone in the night and weekends ecc ecc.

Now, this is my flow chart for put silence at works…. I based my task on the WIFI at works. When my smartphone connectes to the WIFI called “foo” (for example) put ringer in vibrate mode. When disconnect or connect to different wifi put ringer in normal mode.

automate ringer at work
automate ringer at work
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